Summer 2020 Program Information

Halifax City Soccer Club is proud to be a full service club, offering opportunities for each age and ability level within the Halifax District.



Mini Timbits: U4, U5, U6, U8, U9, U10, U11
Players born: 2009-2016

The Mini Timbits program is a terrific way to introduce your child to the sport of soccer. Mini soccer programs are specifically designed to provide an environment where children can learn physical literacy, soccer skills, social development and cooperation all in a fun and dynamic environment.

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Skill Centre: U8, U9, U10 & U11
Players born: 2009-2013
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The Skill Centre program is geared towards players who are committed to soccer. Players will generally receive a minimum two practices, plus a series of games per week. Players can expect to have 2-3 contacts per week on average over the summer months.

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Recreation/Community: U13, U15 & U18
Players born: 2007 and before

The recreational community program is for players who want to play B or C soccer in a more relaxed, fun environment where they are able to play with their friends, in their local community. 

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  Recreation/Competitive: U12, U13, U15 & U18
  Players born: 2008 and before

These recreation/competitive programs are for players who want are passionate and committed to their experience whilst playing with their friends in the local community.

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Development: U12A, U13AA, U15AA & U18AA
Players born: 2008 and before

The Development program is on the pathway to the Soccer Nova Scotia Annual Development league and requires players who are passionate, intrinsically motivated and committed. It is for players looking to maximize their potential.

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Annual Development: U15AAA & U17AAA
Players born: 2006 and before

The Annual Development program has the highest standard and requires the most comitment. It is for players looking to maxmize their potential.

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