Welcome to the Halifax CITY Soccer Club Mini Program!

Our Summer 2019 mini program is set to be one of our best yet! We have two locations available to us. One is at Dal, and one is at Springvale. Please see these specific schedules below, and REGISTER accordingly! Our mini program is set to start May 27th and run until August 18th. We are excited to see everyone out on the field.


Mini Schedule for Dal

Dal Mini Schedule

Group Session 1 Session 2


6:00pm—7:00pm Wednesday  
U5 & U6

6:00pm—7:00pm Monday

U8 Girls 6:00pm—7:00pm Monday

6:00pm—7:00pm Wednesday

U8 Boys 7:00pm—8:00pm Monday

7:00pm—8:00pm Wednesday

U10 Girls 7:00pm—8:00pm Tuesday

7:00pm—8:00pm Thursday

U10 Boys 7:00pm—8:00pm Tuesday

7:00pm—8:00pm Thursday


U8 Skills Centre Schedule

Group Session1 Session 2
U8 Skills Centre Girls 6:00pm—7:00pm Tuesday

6:00pm—7:00pm Thursday

U8 Skills Centre Boys 6:00pm—7:00pm Tuesday

6:00pm—7:00pm Thursday


Mini Schedule For Springvale

Springvale Mini Schedule

Springvale programs are coed and once per week

Group Session
U4 5:00pm—6:00pm Tuesday
U5 &U6 6:00pm—7:00pm Tuesday
U8 7:00pm—8:00pm Tuesday