What you can expect your game times to be

All skills centre games will follow the new skills centre format, in jamboree style tournaments of 3 X 20 minute games for U8/U9 players and 3 X 25 minute games for U10/U11. 

Saturday Games

U8 Girls: 7am-8:10am

U8 Boys: 7am- 8:35am

U9 Girls: 8:15am-9:55am

U9 Boys: 8:40am-11:35am


Sunday Games

U10 Girls: 7am- 9am

U11 Girls: 8:30am- 11:30am

U10 Boys: 11am-3pm

U11 Boys: 2pm-6pm

Jamboree Host Schedule

Mark your calendars!

November 2-3: 

- All East Hants


November 16-17:

- U8 Girls: Valley

- U9G/U8B/U9B: HCU


November 23rd:

- U9 Girls: Valley

- U8G/U8B/U9B: Dunbrack


November 30th:

- U8 Boys: Valley

- U8G/U9G/U8B: Suburban


December 7:

- U9 Boys: Valley AND South Shore

- U8G/U8B/U9G: City


December 14:

- All: UDFC


January 11:

- U9 Girls: Valley

- U8G/U8B/U9B: City


January 18:

- U8 Boys: Valley

- U8G/U9G/U9B: Dunbrack


January 25:

- U9 Boys: Valley AND South Shore

- U8G/U8B/U9G: Suburban


February 8th:

- U8/U9 Girls: East Hants



February 22nd:

- All: HCU


February 29th:

- All: East Hants