HCSC Mini Program

Minis: U4, U6, U8, U10

The Mini Program is available to children 10 and under. Minis is designed to develop fundamental soccer skills, fair play, and cooperation.  It gives young players the opportunity to develop physical literacy and basic movement skills like running, jumping, landing, passing, and dribbling in a fun setting built around play and positive reinforcement.

U4/U6: One training session per week on Dalhousie University turf field or Springvale field completed before 7pm. Register either “U6 DAL” or “U6 Springvale”

Have a U8 child in the Springvale area? Register as “U8 SPRINGVALE ONE SESSION” for a once per week option following the U4 and U6 sessions at Springvale.

U8/U10: Two training sessions per week on Dalhousie University turf field completed before 8pm. Register "U8 Dal" or "U10 Dal"

Register HERE for the HCSC Mini program!

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